Collaborative Virtual Environment for Advanced Computing


  • Gareth J. Lewis
  • S. Mehmood Hasan
  • Vassil N. Alexandrov
  • Martin T. Dove
  • Mark Calleja


Collaborative computing, application sharing, access grid, multicast


Synchronous collaborative systems allow geographically distributed participants to form a virtual work environment enabling cooperation between peers and enriching the human interaction. The technology facilitating this interaction has been studied for several years and various solutions can be found at present. In this paper, we discuss our experiences with one such widely adopted technology, namely the Access Grid. We describe our experiences with using this technology, identify key problem areas and propose our solution to tackle these issues appropriately. Moreover, we propose the integration of Access Grid with an Application Sharing tool, developed by the authors. Our approach allows these integrated tools to utilise the enhanced features provided by our underlying dynamic transport layer.


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Lewis, G. J., Hasan, S. M., Alexandrov, V. N., Dove, M. T., & Calleja, M. (2012). Collaborative Virtual Environment for Advanced Computing. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 24(1), 67–83. Retrieved from