Modelling, Analysing and Control of Interactions Among Agents in MAS


  • František Čapkovič


Agents, analysis, control, decision, discrete-event systems, modelling, Petri nets


An alternative approach to modelling and analysis of interactions among agents in multiagent systems (MAS) and to their control is presented in analytical terms. The attention is focused especially on the negotiation process. However, the possibility of another form of the communication is mentioned too. The reachability graph of the Petri net (PN)-based model of MAS is found as well as the space of feasible states. Trajectories representing the interaction processes among agents in MAS are computed by means of the mutual intersection of both the straight-lined reachability tree (from a given initial state towards the terminal one) and the backtracking reachability tree (from the desired terminal state towards the initial one, however oriented towards the terminal state). Control interferences are obtained on the basis of the most suitable trajectory chosen from the set of feasible ones.


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