Vol 17, No 5 (1998)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


EDDEPPS: an environment for optimal parallel software design
T. Delaitre, M. J. Zemerly, G. R. Justo, J. Burgeois, S. C. Winter 405-416
GRADE: a graphical programming environment for multicomputers
P. Kacsuk, G. Dózsa, T. Fadfyas, R. Lovas 417-427
Using DDBG to support testing and high-level debugging interfaces
J. C. Cunha, J. Lourenço, V. Duarte 429-439
Integrated static and dynamic analysis of PVM programs with STEPS
H. Krawczyk, B. Wiszniewski, P. Kuzora, M. Neyman, J. Proficz 441-453
Performance prediction of PARALLEL systems by simulation
E. Luque, R. Suppi, T. Margalef, J. Sorribes, P. Hernández, E. César, M. Serrano, C. Ortet, F. Cores, J. Falguera 457-468
Hybrid approach to task allocation in distributed systems
L. Hluchý, M. Dobrucký, J. Astaloš 469-480
Mapping and dynamic load-balancing strategies for parallel programming
A. Ripoll, M. A. Senar, A. Cortés, E. Luque 481-491
Solving the task scheduling problem using a parallel genetic algorithm implemented with GRADE
T. Kalinowski 495-506
Extending GRADE towards explicit process SYNCHRONISATION in parallel programs
M. Tudruj, P. Kacsuk 507-516

ISSN: 2585-8807