GRADE: a graphical programming environment for multicomputers


  • P. Kacsuk
  • G. Dózsa
  • T. Fadfyas
  • R. Lovas


To provide high-level graphical support for developing message passing programs, an integrated programming environment (GRADE) is being developed. GRADE currently provides tools to construct, execute, debug, monitor and visualize message passing based parallel programs. GRADE offers the programmer an integrated graphical user interface during the whole life-cycle of program development and provides high-level graphical programming abstraction mechanisms to construct parallel applications. The current version of GRADE can generate C+PVM code but there is no theoretical obstacle to extend it for supporting MPI [9]and FORTRAN. Those new features of the GRADE graphical environment are described in the paper that enhanced GRADE towards a professional parallel programming environment.


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Kacsuk, P., Dózsa, G., Fadfyas, T., & Lovas, R. (2012). GRADE: a graphical programming environment for multicomputers. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 17(5), 417–427. Retrieved from