Vol 15, No 2-3 (1996)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


Foreword: Special Issue on Grammar Systems
J. Kelemen, Gh. Paun 105-108
Splicing Grammar Systems
J. Dassow, V. Mitrana 109-122
Accepting Multi-Agent Systems
H. Fernau, M. Holzer, H. Bornihn 123-139
Colonies with Position
I. Baník 141-154
On the Generative Capacity of PCGDCs with Regular Components
V. Mihalache 155-172
Collapsing Hierarchies in PCGSs with Communication by Commands
L. Ilie 173-184
PCGSs Without a Master
Gy. Vaszil 185-198
The Computational Complexity of Linear PCGSs
L. Cai 199-210
Test Tube Distributed Systems Based on Splicing
E. Csuhaj Varjú, L. Kari, Gh. Paun 211-232
On Cooperatively Distributed Ciphering and Hashing
C. Ding, A. Salomaa 233-245
On Eco-Grammar Systems and Artificial Neural Networks
P. Sosík 247-264

ISSN: 2585-8807