Test Tube Distributed Systems Based on Splicing


  • E. Csuhaj Varjú
  • L. Kari
  • Gh. Paun


We define a symbol processing mechanism with the components (test tubes) working as splicing schemes in the sense of T. Head and communicating by redistributing the contents of tubes (in a similar way to the separate operation of Lipton-Adleman). (These systems are similar to the distributed generative mechanisms called Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems.) Systems with finite initial contents of tubes and finite sets of splicing rules associated to each component are computationally complete, they characterize the family of recursively enumerable languages. The existence of universal test tube distributed systems is obtained on this basis, hence the theoretical proof of the possibility to design universal programmable computers with the structure of such a system.


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Varjú, E. C., Kari, L., & Paun, G. (2012). Test Tube Distributed Systems Based on Splicing. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 15(2-3), 211–232. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/702