Vol 33, No 1 (2014)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Towards an Unsupervised Method for Network Anomaly Detection in Large Datasets PDF
Monowar Hussain Bhuyan, Dhruba K. Bhattacharyya, Jugal K. Kalita 1-34
A SPEMOntology for Software Processes Reusing PDF
Fadila Aoussat, Mourad Oussalah, Mohamed Ahmed Nacer 35-60
Towards the Knowledge in Coalgebraic Model of IDS PDF
Daniel Mihályi, Valerie Novitzká 61-78
Discovering Strategic Behaviour of Multi-Agent Systems in Adversary Settings PDF
Violeta Mirchevska, Mitja Luštrek, Andraž Bežek, Matjaž Gams 79-108
LOGOS: Enabling Local Resource Managers for the Efficient Support of Data-Intensive Workflows within Grid Sites PDF
David A. Monge, Carlos García Garino 109-130
Rough Fuzzy Subspace Clustering for Data with Missing Values PDF
Krzysztof Simiński 131-153
On Acceleration of Evolutionary Algorithms Taking Advantage of A Posteriori Error Analysis PDF
Janusz Orkisz, Maciej Głowacki 154-174
Illumination Correction on Biomedical Images PDF
Edoardo Ardizzone, Roberto Pirrone, Orazio Gambino, Salvatore Vitabile 175-196
Parallel Processing of Massive Remote Sensing Images in a GPU Architecture PDF
Peng Liu, Tao Yuan, Yan Ma, Lizhe Wang, Dingsheng Liu, Shasha Yue, Joanna Kołodziej 197-217
Hysteretic Control Technique for Overload Problem Solution in Network of SIP Servers PDF
Pavel Abaev, Yulia Gaidamaka, Konstantin Samouylov, Alexander Pechinkin, Rostislav Razumchik, Sergey Shorgin 218-236

ISSN: 2585-8807