Vol 27, No 4 (2008)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Independence and Domination in Path Graphs of Trees PDF
Ľudovít Niepel, Anton Černý 581-591
Agent-Based Medical Diagnosis Systems PDF
Barna László Iantovics 593-625
Average Degree in the Interval Graph of a Random Boolean Function PDF
Eduard Toman, Daniel Olejár, Martin Stanek 627-638
Introducing Adaptivity and Collaborative Support into a Web-Based LMS PDF
Natasa Hoic Bozic, Vedran Mornar, Ivica Boticki 639-659
Optimizing Description Logic Reasoning for the Service Matchmaking and Composition PDF
Marian Babík, Ladislav Hluchý 661–679
XML-Based Automatic Test Data Generation PDF
Halil Ibrahim Bulbul, Turgut Bakir 681-698

ISSN: 2585-8807