A situation-aware cross-platform architecture for ubiquitous game


  • Jung Hyun Han
  • Dong Hyun Lee
  • Hyunwoo Kim
  • Hoh Peter In
  • Hee Seo Chae
  • Eenjun Hwang
  • Young Ik Eom


Multi-player online games (MOGs) are popular in these days. However, contemporary MOGs do not really support ubiquity in the sense that a seamless service across heterogeneous hardware platforms is not provided. This paper presents the architecture of the cross-platform online game, which provides a service to users from heterogeneous platforms and is equipped with a situation-aware capability for enabling the users to seamlessly move between heterogeneous platforms. The experimental results through the prototype implementations show the feasibility of the situation-aware cross-platform game.


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Han, J. H., Lee, D. H., Kim, H., In, H. P., Chae, H. S., Hwang, E., & Eom, Y. I. (2012). A situation-aware cross-platform architecture for ubiquitous game. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 28(5), 619–633. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/52