Ontea: Platform for Pattern Based Automated Semantic Annotation


  • Michal Laclavík
  • Martin Šeleng
  • Marek Ciglan
  • Ladislav Hluchý


Automated annotation of web documents is a key challenge of the Semantic Web effort. Semantic metadata can be created manually or using automated annotation or tagging tools. Automated semantic annotation tools with best results are built on various machine learning algorithms which require training sets. Other approach is to use pattern based semantic annotation solutions built on natural language processing, information retrieval or information extraction methods. The paper presents Ontea platform for automated semantic annotation or semantic tagging. Implementation based on regular expression patterns is presented with evaluation of results. Extensible architecture for integrating pattern based approaches is presented. Most of existing semi-automatic annotation solutions can not prove it real usage on large scale data such as web or email communication, but semantic web can be exploited only when computer understandable metadata will reach critical mass. Thus we also present approach to large scale pattern based annotation.


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Laclavík, M., Šeleng, M., Ciglan, M., & Hluchý, L. (2012). Ontea: Platform for Pattern Based Automated Semantic Annotation. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 28(4), 555–579. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/49

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