Forwarding Based Data Parallel Handoff for Real-Time QoS in Mobile IPv6 Networks


  • Hyunseung Choo
  • JungHyun Han


Forwarding scheme, bandoff, Mobile IPv6, quality of service (QoS), routing


Real time mobile applications with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) are expected to be popular due to drastic increase of mobile Internet users. Many Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) based handover schemes in MIPv4 were studied in the literature for those services. However, the buffering overhead is unavoidable for the latency to optimize the route in new path establishment. Even though the data forwarding based schemes minimize the data loss and provide faster handoff, there are still some overheads when forwarding them and limitation on MIPv4. In this paper we propose a novel handoff scheme in MIPv6 based on forwarding which balances route traffic and reduces the overhead. The comprehensive performance evaluation shows that the disruption time and the signaling overhead are significantly reduced up to about 62 % and 73 % respectively, in comparison with well-known previous schemes discussed in cite{Low, Real}. Furthermore, it is able to transmit data with the reduced latency and guarantee the fast and secure seamless services.


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Choo, H., & Han, J. (2012). Forwarding Based Data Parallel Handoff for Real-Time QoS in Mobile IPv6 Networks. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 23(4), 363–376. Retrieved from

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