Publishing H2O pluglets in UDDI registries


  • Gunther Stuer
  • Jan Broeckhove
  • Vaidy Sunderam


OGSA, UDDI, H2O, distributed computing, grids


Interoperability and standards, such as Grid Services are a focus of current Grid research. The intent is to facilitate resource virtualization, and to accommodate the intrinsic heterogeneity of resources in distributed environments. It is important that new and emerging metacomputing frameworks conform to these standards, in order to ensure interoperability with other grid solutions. In particular, the H2O metacomputing system offers several benefits, including lightweight operation, user-configurability, and selectable security levels. Its applicability would be enhanced even further through support for grid services and OGSA compliance. Code deployed into the H2O execution containers is referred to as pluglets. These pluglets constitute the end points of services in H2O, services that are to be made known through publication in a registry. In this contribution, we discuss a system pluglet, referred to as OGSAPluglet, that scans H2O execution containers for available services and publishes them into one or more UDDI registries. We also discuss in detail the algorithms that manage the publication of the appropriate WSDL and GSDL documents for the registration process.


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Stuer, G., Broeckhove, J., & Sunderam, V. (2012). Publishing H2O pluglets in UDDI registries. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 23(4), 305–315. Retrieved from