An Image Retrieval System Based on the Color Complexity of Images


  • Yung Kuan Chan
  • Yi Tung Liu
  • Rung Ching Chen


Image retrieval, color-based image retrrieval, color histogram, fuzzy color histogram


The fuzzy color histogram (FCH) spreads each pixel's total membership value to all histogram bins based on their color similarity. The FCH is insensitive to quantization errors. However, the FCH can state only the global properties of an image rather than the local properties. For example, it cannot depict the color complexity of an image. To characterize the color complexity of an image, this paper presents two image features -- the color variances among adjacent segments (CVAAS) and the color variances of the pixels within an identical segment (CVPWIS). Both features can explain not only the color complexity but also the principal pixel colors of an image. Experimental results show that the CVAAS and CVPWIS based image retrieval systems can provide a high accuracy rate for finding out the database images that satisfy the users' requirement. Moreover, both systems can also resist the scale variances of images as well as the shift and rotation variances of segments in images.


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Chan, Y. K., Liu, Y. T., & Chen, R. C. (2012). An Image Retrieval System Based on the Color Complexity of Images. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 24(5), 495–511. Retrieved from