A Hierarchical Component-based WebGIS and Its Key Technologies


  • Yingwei Luo
  • Xiaolin Wang
  • Wenjun Wang
  • Zhuoqun Xu
  • Li Ding


Component, WebGIS, hierarchical model, geo-union, spatial cache, spatial index


A practical hierarchical component-based WebGIS model referred to as Geo-Union is presented. Geo-Union consists of four layers: storage layer, service layer, component layer and application layer. Service layer is partitioned into another two layers: Geo-Union client and Geo-Union server. The architectures and object diagram of each layer in Geo-Union are discussed in details. After that, four key technologies adopted in Geo-Union (spatial data model, ORDB, spatial index and spatial cache) are summarized and analyzed, especially the spatial cache framework of Geo-Union. At last, some future works in WebGIS, such as interoperability, security, distributed computing and intelligent computing, are indicated and simply explored.


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Luo, Y., Wang, X., Wang, W., Xu, Z., & Ding, L. (2012). A Hierarchical Component-based WebGIS and Its Key Technologies. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 24(3), 281–296. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/379