Co-Evolutionary Multi-Agent System with Speciation and Resource Sharing Mechanisms


  • Rafał Dreżewski


Multi-agent systems, evolutionary algorithms, co-evolution, niching, speciation, multi-modal optimization


Niching techniques for evolutionary algorithms are used in order to locate basins of attraction of the local minima of multi-modal fitness functions. Co-evolutionary techniques are aimed at overcoming limited adaptive capabilities of evolutionary algorithms resulting from the loss of useful population the idea of niching co-evolutionary multi-agent system (NCoEMAS)is introduced. In such a system the species formation phenomena occurs within one of the pre-existing species as a result of co-evolutionary interactions. The results of experiments with Rastrigin and Schwefel multi-modal test functions aimed at the comparison of NCoEMAS to other niching techniques are presented. Also, the resource sharing mechanism's parameters on the quality of speciation processes inNCoEMAS are investigated.


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