Voice Operated Information System in Slovak


  • Jozef Juhár
  • Anton Čižmár
  • Milan Rusko
  • Marián Trnka
  • Gregor Rozinaj
  • Roman Jarina


Information system, dialogue system, Galaxy, VoiceXML, MobilDat, speech recognition, speech synthesis


Speech communication interfaces (SCI) are nowadays widely used in several domains. Automated spoken language human-computer interaction can replace human-human interaction if needed. Automatic speech recognition (ASR), a key technology of SCI, has been extensively studied during the past few decades. Most of present systems are based on statistical modeling, both at the acoustic and linguistic levels. Increased attention has been paid to speech recognition in adverse conditions recently, since noise-resistance has become one of the major bottlenecks for practical use of speech recognizers. Although many techniques have been developed, many challenges still have to be overcome before the ultimate goal -- creating machines capable of communicating with humans naturally -- can be achieved. In this paper we describe the research and development of the first Slovak spoken language dialogue system. The dialogue system is based on the DARPA Communicator architecture. The proposed system consists of the Galaxy hub and telephony, automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech, backend, transport and VoiceXML dialogue management modules. The SCI enables multi-user interaction in the Slovak language. Functionality of the SLDS is demonstrated and tested via two pilot applications, ``Weather forecast for Slovakia'' and ``Timetable of Slovak Railways''. The required information is retrieved from Internet resources in multi-user mode through PSTN, ISDN, GSM and/or VoIP network.


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Juhár, J., Čižmár, A., Rusko, M., Trnka, M., Rozinaj, G., & Jarina, R. (2012). Voice Operated Information System in Slovak. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 26(6), 577–603. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/325