Modelling Web Service Composition for Deductive Web Mining


  • Vojtěch Svátek
  • Miroslav Vacura
  • Martin Labský
  • Annette ten Teije


web services, web mining, problem-solving methods, ontologies


Composition of simpler web services into custom applications is understood as promising technique for information requests in a heterogeneous and changing environment. This is also relevant for applications characterised as deductive web mining (DWM). We suggest to use problem-solving methods (PSMs) as templates for composed services. We developed a multi-dimensional, ontology-based framework, and a collection of PSMs, which enable to characterise DWM applications at an abstract level; we describe several existing applications in this framework. We show that the heterogeneity and unboundedness of the web demands for some modifications of the PSM paradigm used in the context of traditional artificial intelligence. Finally, as simple proof of concept, we simulate automated DWM service composition on a small collection of services, PSM-based templates, data objects and ontological knowledge, all implemented in Prolog.


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Svátek, V., Vacura, M., Labský, M., & Teije, A. ten. (2012). Modelling Web Service Composition for Deductive Web Mining. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 26(3), 255–279. Retrieved from