Enhanced Fractal Image Coding (FIC) with Collage and Reconstruction Residuals


  • Zhiyuan Zhang
  • Yao Zhao


Fractal image coding (FIC), collage difference, iterated function system (IFS), optimization, rms metric, fractal residuals


In this paper, two new paradigms are proposed with fractal collage and reconstruction residuals to enhance FIC. In the first new paradigm, FIC is optimized using the reconstruction residuals. In the second paradigm, the selected collage residuals are used to correct the iterated function system (IFS) of FIC, and an effective technique for coding the selected collage residuals is applied based on DCT and embedded bit-plane coding. In the first paradigm, the reconstruction quality is improved without increasing the bit rate. Using the second paradigm, we can improve the reconstruction quality with a little bit (about 0.01 bpp) increase in bit rate. Experimental results show that the proposed paradigms achieve better performance than JPEG at lower bit rate and similar performance at higher bit rate.


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Zhang, Z., & Zhao, Y. (2012). Enhanced Fractal Image Coding (FIC) with Collage and Reconstruction Residuals. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 26(2), 199–218. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/307