Leveraging Interactivity and MPI for Environmental Applications


  • Branislav Šimo
  • Ondrej Habala
  • Emil Gatial
  • Ladislav Hluchý


MPI, workflows, interactivity, grid computing, interactive European grid


This paper describes two different approaches to exploiting interactivity and MPI support available in the Interactive European Grid project.The first application is an air pollution simulation using Lagrangian trajectory model to simulate the spread of pollutant particles released into the atmosphere. The performance of the sequential implementation of the application was not satisfactory, therefore a parallelization was planned. The MPI programming model was used because of some previous experience with it and its support in the grid infrastructure to be used. Then the interactivity enabling the user to receive visualizations of simulation steps and to exercise control over the application running in the grid was added. The user interface for interacting with the application was implemented as a plug-in into the Migrating Desktop user interface client platform. The other application is an interactive workflow management system, which is a modification of a previously developed system for management of applications composed of web and grid services. It allows users to manage more complex jobs, composed of several program executions, in an interactive and comfortable manner. The system uses the interactive channel of the project to forward commands from a GUI to the on-site workflow manager, and to control the job during execution. This tool is able to visualize the inner workflow of the application. User has complete in-execution control over the job, can see its partial results, and can even alter it while it is running. This allows not only to accommodate the job workflow to the data it produces, extend or shorten it, but also to interactively debug and tune the job.


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Šimo, B., Habala, O., Gatial, E., & Hluchý, L. (2012). Leveraging Interactivity and MPI for Environmental Applications. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 27(2), 271–284. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/268

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