Graphical Framework for Grid Interactive and Parallel Applications


  • Michał Owsiak
  • Bartek Palak
  • Marcin Płóciennik


Grid, user interface, parallel applications, desktop


Considering how complex Grid technology is, it is essential to provide adequate support on users' level in order to simplify interaction and attract users. Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interfaces could be critical for the usefulness of the whole infrastructure and may play a significant role within successful stories. We would like to present the approach to a Migrating Desktop product providing a unified and intuitive graphical work environment that allows users to control sophisticated interactive services, access Grid resources, run sequential and parallel jobs -- using both batch and interactive paradigms. The Migrating Desktop provides a front-end for embedding some of the application mechanisms and interfaces, and it allows the user to have virtual access to Grid resources. Generic API for applications based on the OSGi specification provides mechanisms for the job submission phase, interaction with an application and remote visualization of the results which assemble the powerful platform for the Grid environment.


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Owsiak, M., Palak, B., & Płóciennik, M. (2012). Graphical Framework for Grid Interactive and Parallel Applications. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 27(2), 223–232. Retrieved from

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