A Grid Infrastructure for Parallel and Interactive Applications


  • J. Gomes
  • G. Borges
  • et al.


Grid computing, parallel jobs, interactivity, interoperability, crossbriker, access server, migrating desktop


The int.eu.grid project aims at providing a production quality grid computing infrastructure for e-Science supporting parallel and interactive applications. The infrastructure capacity is presently about 750 cpu cores distributed over twelve sites in seven countries. These resources have to be tightly coordinated to match the requirements of parallel computing. Such an infrastructure implies high availability, performance and robustness resulting in a much larger management effort than in traditional grid environments which are usually targeted to run sequential non-interactive applications. To achieve these goals the int.eu.grid project offers advanced brokering mechanisms and user friendly graphical interfaces supporting application steering. The int.eu.grid environment is deployed on top of the gLite middleware enabling full interoperability with existing gLite based infrastructures.


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