An Ontological Framework for Context-Aware Collaborative Business Process Formulation


  • Hanh H. Hoang Hue University, 3 Le Loi Street, Hue
  • Jason J. Jung Department of Computer Engineering, Chung-Ang University, Seoul


Cross-enterprise collaboration, semantic business process management, collaborative works, ontology engineering, ontological information systems


In cross-enterprise collaborative environment, we have dealt with challenges in business process integration for common business goals. Research directions in this domain range from business to business integration (B2Bi) to service-oriented augmentation. Ontologies are used in Business Process Management (BPM) to reduce the gap between the business world and information technology (IT), especially in the context of cross enterprise collaboration. For a dynamic collaboration, virtual enterprises need to establish collaborative processes with appropriate matching levels of tasks. However, the problem of solving the semantics mismatching is still not tackled or even harder in case of querying space between different enterprise profiles as considered as ontologies. This article presents a framework based on the ontological and context awareness during the task integration and matching in order to form collaborative processes in the manner of cross enterprise collaboration.


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Hoang, H. H., & Jung, J. J. (2015). An Ontological Framework for Context-Aware Collaborative Business Process Formulation. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 33(3), 553–569. Retrieved from



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