Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Using Smart MPI-Based Cloud Resources


  • Mehran Mokhtari Department of Computer, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran
  • Peyman Bayat Department of Computer, Rasht Branch, Islamic Azad University, Rasht, Iran
  • Homayun Motameni Department of Computer, Sari Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sari, Iran



Cloud computing, SMPIA, TSRA, resource allocation scheduling, roulette wheel, text mining, AVM, starvation


Task Scheduling and Resource Allocation (TSRA) is the key focus of cloud computing. This paper utilizes Smart Message Passing Interface based Approach (SMPIA) and the Roulette Wheel selection method in order to determine the best Alternative Virtual Machine (AVM). To do so, the Virtual MPI Bus (VMPIB) is employed for efficient communication among Virtual Machines (VMs) using SMPIA. In this matter, SMPIA is applied on different resource allocation and task scheduling strategies. MakeSpan (MS) was chosen as an optimization factor and solutions with minimum MS value as the best task mapping performance and reduced cloud consumption. The simulation is conducted using MATLAB. The analysis proves that applying SMPIA reduced the Total Execution Time (TET) of resource allocation, maximum MS time, and increase the Resource Utilization (RU), as compared to non-SMPIA for Greedy, Max-Min, Min-Min algorithms. It is observed that SMPIA can outperform non-SMPIA. The effect of SMPIA is more obvious as change in the MS and the number of cloud workloads increase. Furthermore, regarding the TET and MS of the tasks, the SMPIA can significantly reduce the starvation problem as well as the lack of sufficient resources. In addition, this approach improves the system's performance more than the previous methods, what reflects effectiveness of the proposed approach concerning the Message Passing Interface (MPI) communication time in the network virtualization. The mentioned text mining work was prepared concurrently after practical evaluation.


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Mokhtari, M., Bayat, P., & Motameni, H. (2021). Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Using Smart MPI-Based Cloud Resources. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 40(1), 104–144.