Pay-As-You-Go Software Artifacts Managemen


  • Ying Pan College of Computer and Information Engineering, Guanxi Teachers Education University, Nanning
  • Yong Tang School of Computer Science, South China Normal University, Guangzhou


Software artifacts management, dataspace, pay-as-you-go, software engineering


One of the major challenges in software engineering research is to manage software artifacts effectively. However, software artifacts are often changed during software development, the full, one-time integration technique is not feasible to manage such heterogeneity and evolving data. In this paper, we concern about the application of dataspace techniques, which emphasize the idea of pay-as-you-go data management, to software artifacts management. To this end, we present a loosely structured data model based on the current dataspace models to describe software artifacts, and a strategy to query this model. We also present how to gradually add semantics to query processing for improving the precision and recall of query results. Furthermore, the validity of our work is proved by experiment. Finally, the differences between our work and traditional work are discussed.


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