Robust Fixed Point Transformations-based Control of Chaotic Systems


  • Teréz Anna Várkonyi Óbuda University


Robust Fixed Point Transformations, Duffing system, nonlinear control, adaptive control, chaos synchronization


Nowadays, nonlinear control is a very important task because machines are playing more and more role in life. Lyapunov's 2nd method is a popular tool by the use of which various controllers can be designed like the adaptive Neural Networks, Fuzzy Controllers, and Neuro-Fuzzy solutions, or the Sliding Mode Controllers and the well-known PID feedback controllers. Robust Fixed Point Transformation is a procedure which can be built for almost any type of controller in case an approximate model is used to estimate the controlled system's behavior. In this paper a new approach to Robust Fixed Point Transformations (RFPT) is introduced by integrating a second controller in the system. Authors show that this additional, "recalculated" controller not just improves the original controller's results, but halves the tracking errors achieved by the previous RFPT methods.


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