Script Language for Image Processing


  • Jiri Zuzanak aculty of Information Technology
  • Pavel Zemcik aculty of Information Technology


Script language, interpreter, image processing, embedded systems, image operations, image processing pipeline, parallel computation


This paper proposes a design and structure of script language which is intended for easy description and prototyping of high-level image processing operations. The image operations are meant to be composed from basic building blocks represented by either C/C++ functions or appropriate block connections in FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) circuits. The proposed language is designed for use in systems for rapid prototyping and testing of image processing applications as well as for final implementations of the applications. The integration of language into such systems is discussed as well as explanations of parts of the image processing system as seen through the interface of the proposed scripting language. The paper targets structures and syntax of the language, parallelization of high-level image operations and communication between the multiple instances of interpreters of the scripts.


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