A Neural Network Approach to Flood Mapping Using Satellite Imagery


  • Sergii Skakun


Flood mapping, neural networks, self-organising Kohonen maps, synthetic aperture radar


This paper presents a new approach to flood mapping using satellite synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) images that is based on intelligent techniques. In particular, we apply artificial neural networks, self-organizing Kohonen's maps (SOMs), for SAR image segmentation and classification. Our approach was used to process data from different satellite SAR instruments (ERS-2/SAR, ENVISAT/ASAR, RADARSAT-1) for different flood events: the Tisza river, Ukraine and Hungary, 2001; the Huaihe river, China, 2007; the Mekong river, Thailand and Laos, 2008; and the Koshi river, India and Nepal, 2008.


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Author Biography

Sergii Skakun

Space Research Institute NASU-NSAU, Glushkov Ave 40
03680 Kyiv, Ukraine




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Skakun, S. (2012). A Neural Network Approach to Flood Mapping Using Satellite Imagery. COMPUTING AND INFORMATICS, 29(6), 1013–1024. Retrieved from https://www.cai.sk/ojs/index.php/cai/article/view/127

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