Using Real Valued Detectors in Ship Immune System


  • Tomasz Praczyk


Identification, artificial immune system


The paper addresses the problem of real valued detectors in ship immune system. The task of the system mentioned is to differentiate self objects, i.e. objects that are not dangerous to our ship, from other objects that can be a potential threat. To this end, mechanisms adapted from artificial immune systems are used. Since in the traditional model of artificial immune system binary strings are used to represent detectors and objects, in this paper modifications to this model are proposed. The modifications mentioned use real valued vectors instead of binary ones. To test the ship immune system equipped with real valued detectors, experiments were carried out. In the experiments, the task of the system was to differentiate self ship radio stations from non-self ones. Results of the experiments are presented at the end of the paper.


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Author Biography

Tomasz Praczyk

Polish Naval Academy Smidowicza 69
Gdynia, Poland




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