Vol 38, No 5 (2019)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


A More Faithful Formal Definition of the Desired Property for Distributed Snapshot Algorithms to Model Check the Property PDF
Ha Thi Thu Doan, Kazuhiro Ogata 1009-1038
Gathering Information on the Web by Consistent Entity Augmentation PDF
Weijuan Sun, Ning Wang 1039-1066
New Approach to Edge Detection on Different Level of Wavelet Decomposition PDF
Vladimir Maksimović, Branimir Jakšić, Mile Petrović, Petar Spalević, Stefan Panić 1067-1090
Overlapping Community Detection Extended from Disjoint Community Structure PDF
Yan Xing, Fanrong Meng, Yong Zhou, Guibin Sun, Zhixiao Wang 1091-1110
Information Technology of Generalized Model Creation of Complex Technical Objects PDF
Dmytro Konotop, Valeriy Zinchenko, Ivana Budinská, Wei Li 1111-1130
Mobile Edge Computing Based Immersive Virtual Reality Streaming Scheme PDF
Juyong Lee, Daeyoub Kim, Jihoon Lee 1131-1148
Formal Verification of Security Pattern Composition: Application to SCADA PDF
Fadi Obeid, Philippe Dhaussy 1149-1180
Coalgebraic Operational Semantics for an Imperative Language PDF
William Steingartner, Valerie Novitzka, Wolfgang Schreiner 1181-1209
Case Study on Human-Robot Interaction of the Remote-Controlled Service Robot for Elderly and Disabled Care PDF
Nayden Chivarov, Denis Chikurtev, Stefan Chivarov, Matus Pleva, Stanislav Ondas, Jozef Juhar, Kaloyan Yovchev 1210-1236

ISSN: 2585-8807