Vol 38, No 3 (2019)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Investigation of Cloud Scheduling Algorithms for Resource Utilization Using CloudSim PDF
Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Aleem, Muhammad Azhar Iqbal, Muhammad Arshad Islam 525-554
Suffix Arrays with a Twist PDF
Tomasz M. Kowalski, Szymon Grabowski, Kimmo Fredriksson 555-574
Dialogue Model Using Arguments for Consensus Decision Making Through Common Knowledge Formation PDF
Ayslan Trevizan Possebom, Mariela Morveli-Espinoza, Cesar Augusto Tacla 575-596
Fuzzy Side Information Clustering-Based Framework for Effective Recommendations PDF
Mohammed Wasid, Rashid Ali 597-620
Discovering Foreign Keys on Web Tables with the Crowd PDF
Xiaoyu Wu, Ning Wang, Huaxi Liu 621-646
Image Encryption Algorithm with Plaintext Related Chaining PDF
Ľuboš Ovseník, Ján Turán, Tomáš Huszaník, Jakub Oravec, Ondrej Kováč, Milan Oravec 647-678
Learning SPARQL Queries from Expected Results PDF
Jedrzej Potoniec 679-700
Chaotic Encryption and Privilege Based Visual Secret Sharing Model for Color Images PDF
Aytekin Yildizhan, Nurettin Topaloglu 701-727
Petri Nets at Modelling and Control of Discrete-Event Systems with Nondeterminism - Part 2 PDF
František Čapkovič 728-764

ISSN: 2585-8807