Vol 36, No 6 (2017)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Parallel Tiled Code Generation with Loop Permutation within Tiles PDF
Marek Palkowski, Wlodzimierz Bielecki 1261-1282
LDA-Based Topic Strength Analysis PDF
Jiamiao Wang, Lei Li, Xindong Wu 1283-1311
SEMAG: A Novel Semantic-Agent Learning Recommendation Mechanism for Enhancing Learner-System Interaction PDF
Cuong Dinh Hoa Nguyen, Ngamnij Arch-int, Somjit Arch-int 1312-1334
Heuristic Algorithms for Energy and Performance Dynamic Optimization in Cloud Computing PDF
Lizheng Guo, Yifei Zhang, Shuguang Zhao 1335-1360
Representative Points and Cluster Attributes Based Incremental Sequence Clustering Algorithm PDF
Di Wu, Jiadong Ren 1361-1384
New Approach to Categorical Semantics for Procedural Languages PDF
William Steingartner, Valerie Novitzká, Michaela Bačíková, Štefan Korečko 1385-1414
On the Satisfiability of Quasi-Classical Description Logics PDF
Xiaowang Zhang, Zhiyong Feng, Wenrui Wu, Mokarrom Hossain, Wendy MacCaull 1415-1446
Estimation of A Posteriori Computational Error by the Higher Order Multipoint Meshless FDM PDF
Irena Jaworska, Janusz Orkisz 1447-1466
Htab2RDF: Mapping HTML Tables to RDF Triples PDF
Djelloul Bouchiha, Mimoun Malki, Abdullah Alghamdi, Khalid Alnafjan 1467-1491
Using a Full Spectral Raytracer for Calculating Light Microclimate in Functional-Structural Plant Modelling PDF
Michael Henke, Gerhard H. Buck-Sorlin 1492-1522

ISSN: 2585-8807