Vol 35, No 3 (2016)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Assessing Cognitive Complexity in Java-Based Object-Oriented Systems: Metrics and Tool Support PDF
Marco Crasso, Cristian Mateos, Alejandro Zunino, Sanjay Misra, Pablo Polvorín 497-527
Practical Aspects of Data Mining Using LISp-Miner PDF
Petr Berka 528-554
Improving the Arc-Eager Model with Reverse Parsing PDF
Daniel Fernández-González, Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez, David Vilares 555-585
Data De-Duplication with Adaptive Chunking and Accelerated Modification Identifying PDF
Xingjun Zhang, Guofeng Zhu, Endong Wang, Scott Fowler, Xiaoshe Dong 586-614
Evolutionarily Tuned Generalized Pseudo-Inverse in Linear Discriminant Analysis PDF
Tomasz Górecki, Maciej Łuczak 615-634
New Model of Maximal Covering Location Problem with Fuzzy Conditions PDF
Darko Drakulić, Aleksandar Takači, Miroslav Marić 635-652
Implementing the Factory Pattern with the Help of Reflection PDF
Matúš Chochlík 653-686
Fast Hardware Implementations of Static P Systems PDF
Juan Quiros, Sergey Verlan, Julian Viejo, Alejandro Millan, Manuel J. Bellido 687-718
Functional Testing Using Object WorkFlow Nets PDF
Stéphane Julia, Liliane do Nascimento Vale, Lígia Maria Soares Passos 719-743
Document Summarization Using NMF and Pseudo Relevance Feedback Based on K-Means Clustering PDF
Sun Park, ByungRae Cha, JongWon Kim 744-760

ISSN: 2585-8807