Vol 31, No 6+ (2012)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Registration of holographic images based on the integral transformation PDF
Pavol Božek, Elena Pivarčiová 1369-1383
Variable Precision Rough Set Model for Incomplete Information Systems and Its Beta-Reducts PDF
Zengtai Gong, Zhanhong Shi, Hongxia Yao 1385-1399
Depth-First Event Ordering in BDD-Based Fault Tree Analysis PDF
Yuchang Mo, Farong Zhong, Huawen Liu, Quansheng Yang, Gang Cui 1401-1416
Procrustes Analysis of Truncated Least Squares Multidimensional Scaling PDF
Marcin Kurdziel, Krzysztof Boryczko, Witold Dzwinel 1417-1440
Data Mining for Fog Prediction and Low Clouds Detection PDF
Juraj Bartok, František Babič, Peter Bednár, Ján Paralič, Jozef Kováč, Ivana Bartoková, Ladislav Hluchý, Martin Gera 1441-1464
Supervised Kernel Locally Principle Component Analysis for Face Recognition PDF
Yongfeng Qi, Jiashu Zhang 1465-1479
A Distance-Heuristic Tree Building Approach in Application Layer Multicast PDF
Xinchang Zhang, Weidong Gu, Meihong Yang, Guanggang Geng, Wanming Luo 1481-1510
Decomposable Naive Bayes Classifier for Partitioned Data PDF
Ahmed M. Khedr 1511-1531
Document Clustering with Bursty Information PDF
Apirak Hoonlor, Bolesław K. Szymanski, Mohamed J. Zaki, Vineet Chaoji 1533-1555
MST-Based Semi-Supervised Clustering Using M-Labeled Objects PDF
Xiaoyun Chen, Mengmeng Huo, Yangyang Liu 1557-1574
Semantic Web Service Engineering: Annotation Based Approach PDF
Djelloul Bouchiha, Mimoun Malki, Abdullah Alghamdi, Khalid Alnafjan 1575-1595
A Novel Approach to Extract High Utility Itemsets from Distributed Databases PDF
Kannimuthu Subramanian, Premalatha Kandhasamy, Shankar Subramanian 1597-1615

ISSN: 2585-8807