Vol 38, No 4 (2019)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Group-Based Asynchronous Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers in Multicore Cluster PDF
Dongxia Wang, Yongmei Lei, Shenghong Jiang 765-789
Agent-Based System for Mobile Service Adaptation Using Online Machine Learning and Mobile Cloud Computing Paradigm PDF
Piotr Nawrocki, Bartłomiej Śnieżyński, Jakub Kołodziej 790-816
Multilevel Algebraic Approach for Performance Analysis of Parallel Algorithms PDF
Luisa D'Amore, Valeria Mele, Diego Romano, Giuliano Laccetti 817-850
Process Matching: Performance Trade-Off Between Summary and Full-Length Descriptions PDF
Syed Irtaza Muzaffar, Khurram Shahzad, Faisal Aslam, Madiha Khalid, Kamran Malik 851-882
An Effective Metaheuristic for Multiple Traveling Repairman Problem with Distance Constraints PDF
Ha-Bang Ban, Duc-Nghia Nguyen, Kien Nguyen 883-916
HSIC Regularized LTSA PDF
Xinghua Zheng, Zhengming Ma, Hangjian Che, Lei Li 917-936
Revisiting Multiple Pattern Matching PDF
Robert Susik, Szymon Grabowski, Kimmo Fredriksson 937-962
Optimization of the Morpher Morphology Engine Using Knowledge Base Reduction Techniques PDF
Gábor Szabó, László Kovács 963-985
A New Open Information Extraction System Using Sentence Difficulty Estimation PDF
Vahideh Reshadat, Heshaam Faili 986-1008

ISSN: 2585-8807