Vol 25, No 2-3 (2006)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Explanations and Proof Trees PDF
Gérard Ferrand, Willy Lesaint, Alexandre Tessier 105-122
A Logical Framework for Identifying and Explaining Unexpected News PDF
Emma Byrne 127-152
Symbolic Explanation of Similarities in Case-based Reasoning PDF
Eva Armengol, Enric Plaza 153-171
KLEOR: A Knowledge Lite Approach to Explanation Oriented Retrieval PDF
Lisa Cummins, Derek Bridge 173-193
Explanations for a Decision Support System based on MCDA PDF
Micheline Bélanger, Jean Marc Martel 195-221
An Explanation Oriented Dialogue Approach and Its Application to Wicked Planning Problems PDF
Gengshen Du, Michael M. Richter, Guenther Ruhe 223-249

ISSN: 2585-8807