Vol 18, No 6 (1999)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


Object-oriented parallel software for radio wave propagation simulation in urban environment
F. Guidec, P. Calégari, P. Kuonen, M. Pahud 525-539
A morphological approach to Hough transform on an instruction systolic array
B. Schmidt, M. Schimmler, H. Schröder 541-557
Nonspecificity degrees of basic probability assignments in dempster-shafer theory
I. Kramosil 559-574
A computational model of evolution: Haploidy versus diploidy
P. Isasi, A. Sanchis, J. Molina, A. Berlanda 575-594
Possibilistic information measures and selection approach
Do Van Thanh 595-610

ISSN: 2585-8807