Vol 16, No 2 (1997)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


Special Issue on Parallel and Distributed Computing
Ondrej Sýkora 105-106
Matrix Transpose on Meshes: Theory and Practice
M. Kaufmann, U. Meyer, J. F. Sibeyn 107-140
Mesh Sorting and Selection Optimal to the Average
B. S. Chlebus 141-152
On Partitioning Grids into Equal Parts
S. L. Bezrukov, B. Rovan 153-165
Graph Relabelling Systems: A General Overview
Y. Métivier, E. Sopena 167-185
Contextual Coordination for the Mapping of Distributed Systems on Object-Oriented Systems
M. Buffo, D. Buchs 187-216
Local Quartet Splits of a Binary Tree Infer All Quartet Splits Via One Dyadic Inference Rule
P. L. Erdös, M. A. Steel, L. A. Székely, T. J. Warnow 217-227

ISSN: 2585-8807