Vol 14, No 6 (1995)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


Artificial Social Systems
Y. Moses, M. Tenneholtz 533-562
Controlling the Consumption of Storage with Sliding Priority Search in a Hyper-Linking Based Theorem Prover
S. J. Lee, D. A. Plaisted 563-578
Automated Transformation of Sequential Divide-And-Conquer Algorithms into Parallel Programs
B. Freisleben, T. Kielmann 579-596
Sequential and Parallel Approximate Convex Hull Algorithms
Ch. E. Kim, I. Stojmenovi─Ź 597-610
On Varieties of Density and Crossing Properties for Event Structures
V. E. Kotov, S. A. Starkova, I. B. Virbitskaite 611-622

ISSN: 2585-8807