Vol 14, No 5 (1995)

Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Table of Contents


Genetic Algorithms and Trees. Part II: Strategy Trees (The Variable Width Case)
K. Robeys, H. van Hove, A. Verschoren 417-434
Comparison of Several Error-Free Algorithms to Solve Vandermonde Systems
M. Morháč 435-453
Some Observations on the Minimal Armstrong Relations for Normalised Relation Schemes
J. Demetrovics, Vu Duc Thi 455-467
Investigating the Use of Actors for Computer Vision Applications
F. Arcelli, M. de Santo, M. Di Santo, A. Picariello 469-493
A Brief Survey on Control Strategies in Pattern Analysis
J. Kepka 495-512
I-Path Analysis
J. Blatný, Z. Kotásek 513-530

ISSN: 2585-8807