Vol 31, No 6 (2012)

Computing and Informatics

Table of Contents


Data Integration in Mediated Service Compositions PDF
Claus Pahl, Yaoling Zhu 1129-1149
Securing Controls Middleware of the Large Hadron Collider PDF
Ilia Yastrebov, Natalia Yastrebova 1151-1172
Data Processing for Laser Beam Impact Modelling PDF
Jana Hájková 1173-1192
Conditional Dynamic Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection PDF
Huawen Liu, Yuchang Mo, Jianmin Zhao 1193-1216
A Cover-Merging-Based Algorithm for the Longest Increasing Subsequence in a Sliding Window Problem PDF
Sebastian Deorowicz 1217-1233
Generating Pareto-Optimal Offers in Bilateral Automated Negotiation with One-Side Uncertain Importance Weights PDF
Hamid Jazayeriy, Masrah Azmi-Murad, Nasir Sulaiman, Nur Izura Udzir 1235-1253
CYCLIC: A Locality-Preserving Load-Balancing Algorithm for PDES on Shared Memory Multiprocessors Untitled
Antonio García-Dopico, Antonio Pérez, Santiago Rodríguez, Maria Isabel García 1255-1278
Script Language for Image Processing PDF
Jiri Zuzanak, Pavel Zemcik 1279-1293
Algebraic Approach to Logical Inference Implementation PDF
Boris Kulik, Alexander Fridman, Alexander Zuenko 1295-1328
Computing Indexes and Periods of All Boolean Matrices Up to Dimension n=8 PDF
Pavol Zajac, Matus Jokay 1329-1344
Semantic-Based Storage QoS Management Methodology -- Case Study for Distributed Environments PDF
Darin Nikolow 1345-1366

ISSN: 2585-8807