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A SPEMOntology for Software Processes Reusing

Fadila Aoussat, Mourad Oussalah, Mohamed Ahmed Nacer


Reusing the best practices and know-how capitalized from existing software process models is a promising solution to model high quality software processes. This paper presents a part of AoSP (Architecture oriented Software Process) for software processes reuse based on software architectures. The solution is proposed after the study of existing works on software process reusing. AoSP approach deals with the engineering "for" and "by" reusing software processes, it exploits the progress of two research fields that promote reusing in order to improve the software process reusing: domain ontologies and software architectures. AoSP exploits a domain ontology to reuse software process know-how, it allows retrieving, describing and deploring software process architectures. This article details the engineering "for" reusing SPs step of AoSP, it explains how the software process architectures are described and discusses the software process ontology conceptualization and software process knowledge acquisition.

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