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An Application of Collaborative Web Browsing Based on Ontology Learning from User Activities on the Web

Jason J. Jung


With explosively increasing amount of information on the Web, users have been getting more bored to seek relevant information. Several studies have introduced adaptive approaches to recognizing personal interests. This paper proposes the collaborative Web browsing system that can support users to share knowledge with other users. Especially, we have focused on user interests extracted from their own activities related to bookmarks. A simple URL based bookmark is provided with semantic and structural information by the conceptualization based on ontology. In order to deal with the dynamic usage of bookmarks, ontology learning based on a hierarchical clustering method can be exploited. As a result of our experiments, about 53.1 % of the total time was saved during collaborative browsing for seeking the equivalent set of information, compared with single Web browsing. Finally, we demonstrate implementing an application of collaborative browsing system through sharing bookmark-associated activities.

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